Гид в Граце Катарина Трайтлер

I am your guide in Graz!

Hello! My name is Katharina Treitler and I am your licensed guide in Graz and Styria.

About me

Love brought me to Austria. That’s why my blog is called “Katya loves Austria”. I was so inspired by the unique nature and wonderful culture of the Austrians that I decided to tell the guests of my excursions in Graz and Styria about it.

I have been living in Graz for more than 10 years, and now this city has become my home. I learned German, studied at an Austrian university, worked for an international firm, made friends, got married, have got a son and became a licensed tour guide in Graz and whole Austria.

Citytours in Graz and Styria

I invite you on my walks in Graz and on excursions in the region of Styria. I have several ready-made solutions for excursions, but I will be happy to prepare an individual tour of Graz and Styria according to all your interests and wishes.

It will be pleasure for me to create you an individual itinerary for Austria. After all, Austria is such a multifaceted country, it needs to be seen from different angles! The most important thing for me is that you are satisfied when you see the main sights, and perhaps secret places that guidebooks do not know about.

Of course, I will advise you on how to get to your destination, where to taste Austrian specialties, buy gifts, what concert to watch, and in where to take thermal baths.

I work with groups and private guests. I conduct excursions in Graz and Styria in Russian, Ukrainian, English and German.

Your Katya, who loves Austria.

Katya loves Austria, and you will love it!

Individual approach. I will show you exactly the kind of Austria that interests you. Each tour is unique!

Non-standard routes. Places where thousands of tourists go, you will find without me, I will show you local´s favorite and popular places.

Austria with enthusiasm and license

Warm atmosphere. On my walks you are not just tourists, but welcome guests. Herzlich willkommen!

Additional services. A guide is your personal expert, I will recommend a restaurant or hotel to you. I am also always up to date with the cultural program and festivals.

Want a guided walk?

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